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Hi there, and welcome to my page!

I believe as moms, we have the unique privilege of being gatekeepers for our families. We can feed them nourishing food, limit toxins and fill our home with joy and positivity. I want this responsibility to feel like the blessing and a gift that it truly is. I hope you find inspiration on this page to be that gatekeeper for your family.

I share real food recipes, non toxic swaps, and mom encouragement. If you would like to be on my mailing list, I would love to share with you weekly. Let’s create a planted home together!

My go-to’s

These are some of my tried and true recipes that I make on a regular basis. Sometimes even weekly!

Cured vs Uncured Pepperoni – What’s The Difference?
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Cured vs Uncured Pepperoni – What’s The Difference?

I love a good slice of pepperoni pizza. It’s just a classic. However, pepperoni is one of those foods that can have a LOT of preservatives and chemical additives if you aren’t careful. Have you noticed that pepperoni is either “cured” or “uncured”? But what does that mean exactly? I’m talking all things pepperoni in…

Hello there! I’M Reese!

Welcome to Planted Home.

I’m a Jesus following, crunchy(ish) boy mamma, and I’m passionate about feeding my family nourishing food and creating a healthy, joy-filled home for them to grow and thrive in. Follow along for recipes, tips and tricks, and encouragement each week.

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