Blender Butter


Most grocery store butters are packed with preservatives and additives.  They may have artificial ingredients and have most likely been ultra-pasteurized, destroying the beneficial nutrients.

Making your own butter in the blender is quick, easy, and delicious.  Raw butter is loaded with vitamin A, healthy enzymes, and beneficial cholesterol

Blender Butter


Add raw cream (or whole whipping cream to your blender. Seal the lid tight.

Step 1

Blend on high speed. Keep blending past the whipped cream stage, and eventually the watery buttermilk will separate and you will start to see butter chunks forming and sticking to the sides of the blender.

Step 2

Pour off excess buttermilk. Save it for future recipes! Scoop the butter into a separate glass bowl.

Step 3

Using your hands, rinse and squeeze butter under cold water. Squeeze out all the excess liquid!

Step 4

Add salt to taste, if desired. You can also leave the butter as is, for unsalted butter. 

Step 5

Store, and enjoy! In an airtight container, butter will last up to a week on the counter. Wrap it in parchment paper in the fridge for 2-3 weeks or freeze for longer. 

Step 6

Quick and delicious!

Enjoy your homemade butter on fresh sourdough bread, or wherever you would use store bought butter.