5 Best Water Bottles for Nursing Moms

As a nursing mom, staying hydrated is of super important for both you and your baby. 

Here's 5 non-toxic water bottles to help you stay hydrated.

Hydracy Bottle

This pick is a really cute water bottle that is also very functional



Why I like the Hydracy

The Hydracy is the only plastic (bisphenol-free) water bottle on this list, which makes it the lightest. This might be a good choice to take on the go or throw in your diaper bag. 


High quality, with a handle and straw make this a great pick.



Why I like Hydroflask

This stainless steel Tumbler is dishwasher safe, and the double insulation will keep your liquids cold (or hot). It fits in most cupholders, too!

Clearly Filtered

A built in filter to ensure clean water no matter where you are.



Why I like Clearly Filtered

While this water bottle is on the pricer end, the extra cost might be worth it if you are often on the go or don't have access to clean, filtered water. It comes in many different sizes. 

Mama Bottle

A cute glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve.



Why I like Mama Bottle

The Mama Bottle was designed for pregnant moms and nursing moms to help them meet the recommended daily amount of water. There are time markers on the silicone sleeve that help you to drink the correct amount of water.

Stanley Quencher

It's trendy, stylish, and convenient to grab and drink from.



Why I like Stanley

This tumber is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and it's an all around great choice. If you aren't convinced on this one, you can read through over 4,000 reviews on Stanley's website.

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