What's the difference?

Not all honey is created equal! 

Raw honey vs honey, there are differences in nutrition, taste, and health benefits. Let's find out which honey is best!

What is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is natural honey straight from the hive, untouched and unprocessed. It retains all the natural enzymes, bee pollen and bee propolis, all of which have health benefits. Regular honey on the other hand, is often heavily processed and may even be chemically refined.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

- Maintaining a healthy weight - Beneficial nutrients & enzymes - Improve allergies & immune function - Reduce inflammation - Natural energy source - Would & Illness healing - Reduces cough & sore throat

Raw Honey vs Regular Honey: Taste

Raw honey has more depth to it’s flavor. The flavor can also vary depending on the type of flowers the bees frequented, giving you a unique and authentic taste of the different local flowers. On the flip side, regular honey might taste more uniform and less distinctive.

What's the verdict? 

Raw honey wins. 

- Health food stores - Local beekeepers - Online

Where To Find Raw Honey